Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Diva Challenge #287, Made by Joey #133 & a Few Travelling Tangles

Diva Challenge #287: Use My Tangle
"Dreamcatcher" by Daniel Lamothe

The first Monday of the month is a UMT challenge where the Diva selects a focus pattern submitted by one of her faithful followers. I fell in love with "Dreamcatcher" right from the get-go. It can be elegantly simple or amazingly complex...dealers choice;-) I decided on a tan tile for this one, starting with the simple web, rounded at the corners. I could have just added a little shading and stopped there, but I felt compelled to add a few gems and, well...this is just how I roll;-)

I like the simpler version I did later even better;-)

I dug out my smaller pocket sketchbook I started last year for Inktober. I'm trying to keep up this year now that I have a better cell phone and camera. 31 drawings in 31 days!
Joey's start: "Relly-Telly-One"

Joey's challenge this week, introduced a new-to-me pattern. It's a Cadent based pattern with a little Crazy Huggins (my new fave).  Joey started hers in the bottom right corner of her tile and I adapted it to my ATC and tweaked the angle a little. I used an ATC with tissue paper color transfer.

Here are some Travelling Tangles I sent out into the world (my finishes from last week were posted here), beautifully finished in far away lands...

I sent this to Lin Laidler in Massachusetts

...and she finished it beautifully.

I sent this to Marguerite Samama in the Netherlands

This was colored with re-used colored tissue. The colors become more muted and they blend together the second and even third time. I get a lot of mileage from that pack of tissue;-)

I absolutely loved how she finished this.

This was a bonus ATC I sent to Marguerite using the tissue paper transfer coloring technique

Here's her gorgeous embellishment

I sent this ATC to Christin Wagner in Pennsylvania

...and here's her fantastic finish!

I sent this tile to Christin as well...

She did this super-cool transparent layering effect.

and finally this tile was completed by the lovely Margaret Bremner

If you're not familiar with The Travelling Tangles Project check out the Facebook page and join the fun. It's incredibly fun, a bit addictive and most of all one, of the best ways to improve your art.

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your thoughtful and generous comments delight and inspire me.


  1. It's always such a pleasure to visit your blog! I really can't say which of your two Dreamcatchers is my favorite, they're both gorgeous. Then there's your bubbly Relly-Telly-One and you finish with all those lovely travelling tangles. Very inspiring!

  2. There is a simple beauty in your second Dreamcatcher. I could look at it for hours.

    A fantastic crop of Travellers too!

    And I really must do a Joey one of these weeks.

  3. Michele you has posted a lots of wonderful work here! So inspiring! I love your Joey´s challenge-tile and the simple one for the Diva!

  4. Every time I see your side, I say WOW. Very nice challenge tiles, but you are also the specialist of the traveling tiles!

  5. So many beautiful gems and be-dazzled tiles! I love your Diva Challenge tan tile with the touch of gems. So many of your tiles have such a great play of color, sparkle and light:)

  6. oh what yummy dreamcatchers! wow! Isn't it just the most fun! and I love what you did with your Joey tile challenge...just terrific relly with the bubbly tipple inside. As always, all of your pieces are scrumptious.

  7. Love your dreamcatcher! And the rest too.

  8. I like both your dreamcatchers, but the black and white one seems more dreamy to me. I am so impressed by what people did with your traveling tiles. I've been carrying some around with my from August. I need to dig them out and share them.

  9. Your use of color is really inspiring and your artwork is lovely.

  10. Your Dreamcatchers really show off the versatility of this tangle. I believe I like the second one more because of its simplicity. Beautiful traveling tiles too!

  11. The Dreamcatchers are gorgeous. But I agree that the simpler one is really nice.

  12. You always take these challenges to a whole 'nother level, love all your work Michele. Both the dream catcher tiles are fantastic I love them both for different reasons.

  13. I love both of your Dreamctcher- tiles, but my favourite is the "simple" one. It is just gorgeous!
    All the other tiles are beutiful as always... ;-)

  14. Such beautiful tiles as always! I just love your style! Always fun to see the traveling tangles

  15. Beautiful. The first Diva tile is a WOW-tile.

  16. you have so great backgrouds.
    do you have somewhere a blog entry - how you made them?! Was looking for it. would be great.

    1. Thank you Cea! I use a tissue paper transfer technique from Suzen Art on Facebook.