Saturday, September 17, 2016

String Challenge #162 and Traveling Tangles

Adele Bruno's String Challenge #162
Adele's string/Patterns: ING,  Bubbles and Hollibaugh

I felt like this was one for the sketchbook as I can't say that I'm the biggest fan of ING. I had a go at it a few Diva challenges back. I like the idea of it. It's easy to draw and I like the opportunity to play with triangles but, I can never quite gel with its finished composition on the tile. I thought I'd be tricky with this and Hollibaugh ING and try a curvy ING. Neither of which really worked to my liking but I can't say I'm displeased with the finished piece either. I do like the finished page though. I repeated Adele's string on the 2nd "tile" and continued on with some more Tripoli fun.

These are the latest Travelling Tangles:
The two tiles on top are from Toby Schwartz in Pennsylvania (I posted the finished leaf zendala last week) and the one on the bottom is from Kat van Rooyen in West Virginia.
Here's the how I finished the renaissance tile:

I had a very different idea in my head when I started this. I started with the black pearls and then Crescent moon. I was going to do Featherfall to sort of mirror Toby's Verdigogh. I don't use Featherfall often so I need to muster up a little courage before I jump into that one. Then out of no where, Tripoli jumped on the page instead. After this weeks Diva challenge I've been a little obsessed with it, trying to embrace it into my "Mac 'n Cheese" club (it's definitely getting there). Pokeleaf was my desperate attempt to squeak in an organic pattern so as to not leave Verdigogh out on a limb. It wasn't so bad. I wanted to shade more but the thought of trying to drop shadow Verdigogh almost made my head explode so I opted for stippling. All in all a very pleasing tile in the end, but it was a rough road getting there.
This is my finish to Kat van Rooyen's pretty Autumn start:
I totally lifted this version of "Squib" from one of Michele Beauchamp's tiles I saw on the Zentangle Mosaic app. I love how she does it like a butterfly. "Squib" is from Zentangle HQ but I don't think it's published anywhere. I saw it a while back on Antonine's blog where she referenced it by name. It took me awhile before I recognized it as the same pattern that Michele uses a lot in her work. I love it!
This next tile came from Barb Mavraganis, in Pennsylvania:

I finished it (my 3rd Traveling Tangle of the day) and celebrated with a Happy Hour Mimosa.

Oh there's that darn Tripoli again;-) We are becoming friends.

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  1. I've not quite gotten the hang of drop shadows either. I really like that Rennaisance tile, though. :)