Sunday, May 3, 2015

One Tangle & That's New to Me "D" patterns

for Jane Monk's One Tangle Facebook group 
That's New to Me week 17-"D" patterns

I've gotten way behind on many of my weekly challenges. I was inspired by Jane Monk's "Stacked Tangles" strings she's challenged the group with these past few weeks. I really like the simplicity of them and they seem to be the perfect vehicle for samplers. I laid out both strings and started looking for patterns to fill the spaces-starting out with some tried and true then venturing off into new territory and a fitting way to incorporate a little catch up for That's New to Me.
New patterns included Dutch Hourglass, Dot Grid, Dragon Scales and Pea-Fea. Dug Wud and Demi are a couple of old faves.

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  1. I like the stacked look too. I usually end up stacking side to side. Nice tiles! Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!