Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Diva Challenge #321, Made by Joey Challenge #170 and other artsy stuff..

Non-dominant hand & Auras

My initial reaction to these left hand challenges is always "oh crap!", but usually, fairly quickly, followed by a sigh of relief. Letting go of perceived perfection with slow, steady focus on each stroke is extremely calming. The additional emphasis on aura'd patterns was actually a natural progression from previous challenges. During the last couple of Sunday streams, Laura was drawing Opus in one and Dansk in another, mentioning the keys to successful aura-ing. Even spacing, focus and my Aha! moment: Go Slow! So, of course, I started those subsequent challenges in that vein and then veered off course from time to time.
This challenge was just the thing to rein me back into the zen. For me, this was merely an exercise. I decided to go to my pattern collection and pulled out several of my favorite aura patterns and a couple of less familiar ones. I used Margaret Bremner's "Flying Birds" string and mapped out what I'd put where. I started with my mac 'n cheese "Crescent Moon". The last thing I did was "Verve". Those longer lines were the most difficult part and wonkiest...and...I love this tile! It looked a bit like a tree so I decided to stop and leave those wedges empty. The shading helped a lot.  Great challenge!

Tile Mapping (I just made this up-I think)
trying something new

Finish my Tile Alphabet Series: "Y"
featuring: Yuma
additionally: Yah

The next to last Alphabet challenge by Joey. I have to say my set is quite spectacular. I'll post the whole she-bang next week. These were supposed to be headers for my pattern collection pages, but a few weeks ago I decided to re-organize it by pattern type:

Re-organization...for now

Travelling Tangles I finished last week:

My finish... this sweet start by June Dal
travelling from Hawaii

My finish... another of June's beginnings

My "92 Days" Project-daily drawing prompts from the Facebook group Tangled and Journaled, too!
Week 3:

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Kitty-pic of the week

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Diva Challenge #320, Joey Challenge #196 and My Prompt Journal

Use My Tangle: Dansk by Margaret Bremner
additionally: Isla, Wud and Tipple

I was only able to watch a little of Laura's stream on Sunday night because I had to work. I was delighted to see Dansk. It's been on my to do list as it's similar to one of my favorite fills, Sandswirl. I love aura'd patterns but I've always been a little unsatisfied with them because I realized (after seeing  and listening to Laura work through some aura'd patterns) I've been working too fast. The key to great auras is to go slow and concentrate on even spacing between each aura. I wasn't always successful here but I'm getting better;-)
I made a bunch of wine stained tiles awhile ago using a the dregs of a bottle of corked red wine. The color dried really weirdly. It started off grey and over time it's turned brown.

" 92 Days"
Daily Drawing Prompts

My floral day was inspired by Michele Beauchamp's stripey flowers and I tried out Dansk here first. I had some bleed through from Orange day and I was not very happy with "Chence" day. The resolve of the strings is a bit clumsy. I need to watch Helen Williams video again.

Finish my tile Alphabet Series: X
featuring X's and Orbs
additionally: Xenso

I created this series on Bijou tiles to use as headers in my pattern library binder. Last week, I decided to reorganize my patterns by type;-P

Here are more of my journal prompts for the week:

This is my favorite!

If I fits, I sits!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Diva Challenge #319, Made by Joey #168 and other stuff...

beaded blooming butter

I was so inspired by this weeks challenge and Laura's post. She had a super busy week/weekend so the post was a day later than usual. It was worth the wait;-) 
I really love the stories and adventures she shares every week. This one was of particular interest as she'd gone on a field trip with her son's class to a National Heritage Park near Saskatoon. I'm half Cree on my father's side and though we moved to San Francisco when I was little, I'm still Canadian (born in Vancouver BC). When I was a kid, my aunts (who I never met) lived in James Bay, Ontario, in a place called Moose Factory. They would send us handmade gifts. Much beading on butter-soft suede was involved and my memory of those gifts and Beads of Courage inspired my tile this week. Thank you Laura!!
This weeks challenge is one of Laura's annuals, inspired by her creation and involvement in Saskatoon's annual 5K Color Run which raises money for Beads of Courage, an Arts in Medicine program for children that have chronic or life threatening illnesses. I think this is my third year participating in this challenge.

Finish My Tile Alphabet Series: "W"
featuring: "W2"
additionally: "Waves"

As the alphabet series winds to a close, we all must be wondering "What's Joey cookin' up next?" I know what's cookin' on July 10th;-) Stay tuned...

featuring: Tint, Bales and Antidots

These are a couple Travelling Tangles I finished last week, unfortunately my starting pics were deleted in a mad phone feng shui purge.

May Monotangle Swap
started by Kat van Rooyen
with the dark orbed Molygon near bottom left

May Monotangle or Mooka swap
started by Josephine Wu
with the narrower radiating Betweed cones
and Mooka on the bijou

"A Little Summer Project"
Day 1: One Little Word
Aimee inspired

Every day, for 92 days we are given a drawing prompt, to be collected in any journal of one's choosing. At Christmas time, I made several of these little pocket journals:

For this series I started a few pages with traced bijou and ATC templates. Just as I was setting up my journal for the first week and pondering my little word, Aimee jumped in the window from a wet deck and traipsed across my page;-P
My end game is to have a few pocket journals filled with inspiration that I may later slip into my bag for spontaneous, internet-less, out-and-about drawing sessions;-)
Here's what I did this week:

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Diva Challenge #318, Made by Joey Challenge#167 & Some Travelling Tangles


I think this is a record for me, completing two challenges before noon on Monday. Thanks to the Diva's stream I got two pieces done last night. 
Laura's challenge is to create a Diptych, two panels that loosely mirror each other and connect with a "hinge" or in this case, fold a tile or zendala in half, frame each half and tangle one half and then sort of mirror it on the other connecting the two halves with some type of "hinge".
There's a Kitchen Table Tangles video on the Zentangle Mosaic app that illustrates this concept, but I'm not a subscriber so I had no idea what this was. I didn't quite get the hinge part initially as I followed along with Laura last night. It wasn't until after I'd gone all "Knightsbridge" on the center, that I saw what she was doing...hence this next attempt where I took it a bit too literally;-)

Diptych Take Two: Renaissance

Finish my Tile Alphabet Series: V
featuring: Vano
Additionally: Voga

I had to tweak this one a little to keep it consistent with my series. I used a fragment of Vano in order to place it within the letter.

Recent Travelling Tangles I've completed:

My finish... this delicate start from Tharina Etsebeth
travelling all the way from South Africa

My finish... another of Tharina's lovely beginnings

This was a Mooka monotangle for the monthly challenge/theme. The shading is a bit... uhmnnn... dramatic. I learned a lesson about using Tombow pens to shade.
If you don't know your paper...just DON'T. The paper was gorgeous to draw on. It had a very fine tooth, but absorbed the marker so fast that I couldn't blend it out. Oh well;-)

...and of course what post would be complete without a kittypic;-)

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Diva Challenge #317, Made by Joey Challenge #166 & a few Travelling Tangles

Real Life String or Tangle a Photo

Oh man! I love how this came out because it totally happened on the fly. I was just gathering my tools to head down to the cafe last night when I got the ping that the Diva's stream had started. As luck would have it, the video was coming in clearly so I grabbed a beer and stayed put. Good thing, once I realized I was going to need more than a pen and a tile. After a quick scramble, I had everything I needed within an arms reach of my drawing table: a recently arrived Cheese Culture magazine, scissors, a rejected tile and a glue stick. This is a super cool way to recycle your rejects.
what a coinkydink...I was drinking an IPA;-)

I have a feeling I'm going to be spending a good part of my next days off pouring over magazines for more  inspiration like this. Laura mentioned that she would start putting images in her journal to tangle around. Methinks I will too;-) Speaking of journals...
Whenever I get a new one, the first thing I do is randomly paint. It immediately takes the pressure off to create "perfection". My current journal started with this page months ago, I had a day off on Sunday and holed up in my apartment (hiding out from the annual Bay-to-Breakers foot race that clogs the city and turns my quiet little neighborhood into Crazytown) with the cat, a homemade pizza and a stack of library videos. I love BBC/PBS murder mysteries and I'm currently on season 12 of Midsomer Murders. Good times.

Early Sunday morning after a lengthy stare-down, I began with tiny Tipples around the outside of the paint, then I saw leaves and using a colored pencil drew some in across the top.

I can't remember what that flower pattern is called, I was inspired by this beauty from Margaret Bremners blog.

This is another page I set up a couple of weeks ago using re-used and used again wadded up strips of colored art tissue. It's just incredible how much use you can get out a package of tissue.

Finish my Tile Alphabet Series: "U"
Featuring: "Unme"

Wow. It's hard to believe that this series is almost over. 5 more to go and  my Bijou collection is done. I forgot how much I love Undling. It's so relaxing to draw and the shading really brings it to life. I must make sure to get it into more pieces a.s.a.p.

Travelling Tangles finished this week​:
My finish... this super cool starter sent to me by Raye Burnett

This was something I've wanted to try but never have, Found Poetry Tangling. I've been sitting on this one for awhile because it was so far out of my comfort zone.

My finish... Raye's Bijou starter

...and finally a word from Aimee...
Oh! this pic just cracks me up. She's exhausted from her day of napping😉

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Diva Challenge#316, Made by Joey Challenge #165 and It's a String Thing Challenge #195

Stripey String

This week at I am the Diva, Laura challenges us to create a striped string. I love stacked strings, but on a whim, I challenged myself to do the stripes spirally. I've been enjoying Laura's streams on Sunday evenings. I'm always inspired by how she works through a tile as there doesn't appear to be any pre-planning, beyond the theme of the challenge, as to what she'll be drawing. 
I don't have internet at home, which is why I'm always at the cafe nearby when I need to connect. I do have 4G on my cell-phone, but it always runs out before my month is up and I'm too cheap to add more. The slow speed doesn't really bother me that much except I can't watch videos. 
On Sunday evening I got myself all set up at the cafe with a book and a beer, waiting for the Twitch notification and just as it started I realized I forgot to bring my drawing pens. I had a fine ball point pen and a sharpie. I drew in the string with the pen since I had no pencil. I went back later and darkened a few bits to give it some contrast. I can't really say I'm all that crazy about this one.

Finish my Tile Alphabet Series: "T"
Featuring: Tamisolo
Additionally: Trifle

Another Bijou to add to my collection;-)

Introducing "Trella"
a new pattern by Adele Bruno

Adele introduced her new pattern "Trella" in last weeks challenge. I really enjoyed this one and had it finished quite early, so early that I forgot to send it in;-P 
I used a lightly colored tile I'd created using wads of nearly spent art tissue and a dip pen using blue ink.

I completed these Travelling Tangles this week:

My finish... this delightful start by Brenda Urbanik
traveling all the way from South Africa

My finish... another of Brenda's intricate beginnings.

My finish... this lovely start by Elena Greer
traveling from Texas

My finish... another of Elena's colorful starters

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